Matthew - property manager
Matthew- Property Manager

Everyone laughs when I tell them that I have yearly goals on betting. But how could I not? I eke a living from sports betting. While I still have my career going, I also spend a great deal of time planning my bets and investing my winnings. So, for me, this is not any other pastime. Instead, it is a moneymaker. If you are also getting into sports betting and hoping that this can help you add to your 9 to 5 or completely break out and go into business, I advise that you set some goals. Maybe it stems from my years working in property management, where weekly and monthly goals are paramount. Either way, I live by this strategy and hope to pass it on to you.

Sheila - accountant
Sheila- Accountant

It’s not enough to know the basics of sports betting. More often than not, it is not even close to enough. Unlike playing slots or any other casino games, sports betting relies heavily on knowledge. You cannot place a bet on a team based on a gut feeling or because you know they are playing at home. Instead, you must ask yourself a ton of questions. What has their past performance indicated? Are they strong this season? Are any of the players injured? I especially enjoy betting on basketball and ensure that I keep up with the news. I master everything from the height of the loop to the training sessions. Without this, I would be gambling- not that there is anything wrong with that, only that it lowers your winning chances.

Thomas - accountant
Thomas- Accountant

They call me the accountant. It ties to my career, which I thoroughly enjoy, and relates to my love for math. Let me tell you one thing about sports betting- you are much likelier to win if you factor in some mathematics. Some people do not want to imagine the thought of doing math, but it is inescapable. Probability is everything in sports betting. Even reading the odds requires you to understand a bit of math. Every time I see odds, I know that this is what a bookie has set for a team. It is not written in concrete. Rather than follow only this, I, too, go back to the statistics and try to understand how the bookie arrived at the odds. It makes my wagering decisions much easier. So, even if you might not take anything else from sports betting tips, take this- always do the math!